[Featured] Digi-Active Pro

ok, so this version has all the trimmings, Tidied both versions up somewhat too. Hope you like >>


Come on guys, can i get some feedback please. I’ve created this one to work on my shading techniques. I figured if I can make a 2D flat Digital themed watch pop out then im on the right track.Ive used some regular reflections, some offset soft images and some gradient fills for the 3D effect, with a couple of my glass overlays to lower the tones in a few places because back lit some of it was too bright.

Dont be alarmed by the bright colours in the preview. In normal operation with a battery over 40% and a HR below 100 the colours are all like that of the center.

Be critical, Dont always be nice :slight_smile:
@dazstacey, @GAUSS, @mikeoday


I like it

I am not a nice guy … Lol.

Okay - mostly i am. Now for the critics:

I really do like the design and the look, but this face lacks a little bit upon user interaction. They should be allowed to change between heartrate, step counter …


Thank you and interesting. I’ll give that some thought. Thank you :slight_smile:


Try it now my friend. Am I “stepping” in the right direction. I like it. looking to do something similar with the weather next but in the lower outer dial. But have a couple of codey questions posted to help me progress that one :wink:

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Yepp. It‘s really better with interaction.

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A very interesting design with wonderful shading. You just need to complete the dim mode :slight_smile:

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Thank you and I agree. I feel like DIM mode needs something a bit different on this one and haven’t decided what yet. I was thinking maybe something similar that you did once. A kind of Illuminous face. In fact I think someone else did it but you preferred their DIL mode for you eyesight lol.

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Hows that @mikeoday

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Well… the Dim mode has to show something… some people only use the Dim-Mode…

Does mine need something more then?

That is looking good - I like the dim mode colour.

Cheers mate, working on the weather now

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Weather added.


Nice! What i meant are some more informations in AOD-Mode. The fields are so empty there…

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ok, will take a look now. Ive just been putting in some finishing touches, Like buttons that change colour for 1 sec when pressed. you asking for interactions has transformed this watch. I love the step and weather views.

i think this one ie nearing completion so please put it through its paces, anything at all ive missed or need to improve :wink:

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Thanks for pushing me with this one guy’s as it just got featured today. Am so happy. Didnt think little me would ever get featured :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you @Facer_Official

ps - how long is a feature for. Is it a day or week?

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Congratulations! :+1:

As for how long featured? I think they stay until they get pushed from the bottom of the list by new ones being added at the top. At least a few weeks I think - possibly longer.

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cool, that will give me a leg up. I better sort my banner out then lol

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