[Featured] Titanium II

One stripped of all Premium content for the common people :slight_smile:


Nice mate think i prefer this version just an idea swap out the balance wheel code for this version i made for the blurred wheel (sin((#DWE#)/0.05)*270) its faster and makes it look more real only suggestion ok.

Cheers fella, Will check that code out later :thumbsup:

ok, I’ve applied the new code :wink:

Cool i think that looks much better

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Wow, I wondered why this face had suddenly been so popular. Wifey must of deleted my watch has been featured notification.

Anyway, thank you @Facer_Official. these features are really helping me. :thumbsup:

My first face to get 1000 syncs and is at #4 in the Top 100 :smiley:


Well deserved - great job!