Feedback needed,

I have done 18 watch faces and had facer for a year now and I want to improve my watch faces so im going to ask you (the community) to give me some feedback and I will use that feedback in my future watch faces. Thank you :slight_smile:

Well. What do you want to hear? It´s difficult to describe all of your watch faces.

Hi @BalencedToast56.

You asked for feedback to improve your watch faces.

To be honest, i find them very simple. You only took some nice backgrounds, basic hands and tickmarks. In the cases when you use text displays the font size is to small.

My tip: Try out to make own hands and bezels, try to make the watch faces look more realistic. Some animations would be nice, too.

But this is only my opinion…

Greetings, GAUSS.


@GAUSS thanks for feedback. I will use this in my future watch faces.

Hi BanencedToast56,
I agree with phantasico, but I design mainly for women, so I suppose it depends on what your Followers like as well. When I look at your designs I see mainly backgrounds and basic hands. The ladies seem to prefer images and attractive backgrounds as opposed to multiple dials and gauges, so if you want to design for ladies, you can still create pretty backgrounds. Add some details and info such as steps and the date. If you want to design for men, spend some time looking at the features included in men’s designs. The guys here are great and extremely helpful, so you came to the right place.


@GAUSS & @Linlay have pretty much said it all. I wanted to draw your attention to your color choices. Specifically where the hand and background colors approach the same color. Some examples:

Your Black Raindrops is a cool background, but the minute hand is nearly impossible to see at certain times. The font is very small and color makes it harder to see as well. Same with Blue Galaxy, the hour hand in Blue, Black, and White Mix and in Coal Dark Mix.

On the other hand, Blue and Black Blocks, Red Blood Dots, Colorful Dots don’t have this issue. They look good.

There’s nothing wrong with your minimalist style. The style certainly has a large audience. You can try some simple animations. For example: the large circles in Colorful Dots can maybe float around a little. Or some of your text elements in all of your faces could maybe float in from the sides on wake up.

If you are looking for complementary hand colors that will stand out over a background, try putting some of the background colors into a wheel calculator like:
Color Wheel - Color Calculator | Sessions College or
They’ll generate some interesting color scheme combinations for you.


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