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[FEEDBACK REQUEST] If Facer could launch/improve anything in 2021, what would it be?

  • User preferred hours 12/24Hr digital is not user preferable with a leading zero. (Although found a workaround with code on the forum.
  • Top 100 faces view also on mobile (instead of 50)
  • Color themes for everyone

But overall I’m very happy with Facer!


Please add a pay option for iPhone users who want to purchase individual watch faces. This is currently not the case for Facer users who have iphone but are using Wear OS. As an iPhone user I can pay through the iTunes Store OR I also have a Google Pay account. Thank you.


Realistic requests:

  • Allow users to sort by popularity when browsing a storefront
  • Fix the shift-arrow command to move one pixel for all arrows
  • Give us the ability to update an existing watch without it going to the top of our publish feed

Debatably reasonable request: Kick an autobanned watch back to Drafts instead of an instant delete. It’s a drag to lose a day’s coding work because I typed a keyword that matches the copyright of some watch I’ve never heard of.

Unrealistic request: layer styles. Everybody already mentioned layer groups, but I’d love a Screen mode.



Le regroupement des calques dans des groupes

Le classement des cadrans personnalisé par
les favoris
les j’aime
les synchronisation
les commentaires

Quand on créé un cadran rond, il serait bien de voir le format carré directement


+Detailed face making tutorials, helpful resource or help video for beginners like me
+Adding widgets to the watch face

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Most of my wishes have already been mentioned by others, but I will list a few just to “+1”:

  1. Fix “complex” conditionals (&& and ||). At present it often works in Creator and on Tizen, but not on WearOS or some watch brands.

  2. Time and date calculation “engine” as suggested by @andrew.dowden : Feature request

  3. Curved text

  4. Calculation of hex colour codes by expression

  5. Align Facer web and app functionality. At present some functions are only available via web and others only via the app.

  6. Layer groups

  7. Scripting

  8. Allow Creator Pro subscribers to sell watch faces to non-premium users. Large percentage of sale goes to Facer.

Thanks for a great platform. :slight_smile:


Hi to all
So I believe everyone covered everything.

I just have a couple of notes that needs attention; I use the Facer app on my iPhone and I receive notifications about new faces published by the designers I follow, however if I click on any of those notifications it takes me to the app home page rather than the desing itself.

The other note, in Creator; if it is possible to have a way of selecting all the elements in a design to apply a certain action like delete or lock.

Looking forward to the new Creator

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this is my request: add the “T” for the stopwatch tags like the VAR tags to control what to do after start/stop/reset actions.
I mean something like “SWE_T”

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and these are the others in random order…

  • COPY/PASTE between different faces
  • PHOTO TAG to incorporate user photo from gallery or camera.
  • COMPLETE TEST CAPABILITIES to test GYRO, LOCATION, FORECAST etc.etc. directly into Creator
  • 10:10 direct shortcut into Creator’s Time Machine
  • BRIGHTNESS field to add after “TRANSPARENCY” from 0 to 100
  • COMPLETE IMAGES SEQUENCE with all the capabilities of IMAGE TAG
  • SOLVE THE PROGRESS TAG ISSUE to use formulas freely in all the fields
  • IMAGE SEQUENCE TAG INDEX to force a specific image into the sequence.
  • #VAR_n_P# to have a counter starting from 0 and not from absolute time (DNOW)
  • DEPTH LAYER add a field with the DEPTH to control what stays above and visible.
  • ADD the max position in chart for the faces with the syncs
  • DIM COLOR for all the elements and not only for texts.
  • NUMBER FORMAT like ###.### to control “0” before and after commas
  • TEXT MACRO like %color or %size to format text directly in the field.
  • VAR STORE tag to store a value into a variable
  • VAR STARTING VALUE to set the starting value for a VAR into Creator
  • VAR TOUCH POSITION to read the coordinates of a touch into an interactive area.
  • STOPWATCH TIME to know when the CHRONO TAG is activated/stopped/reset
  • SOUND associated to the interactive touch (click sound I mean)
  • FLASH expression to substitute (#Ds#%2) - something like flash(interval, resolution)
  • TEXT spacing control to make a fixed or proportional spacing font
  • FIX THE DELAY when returning from AOD mode (for example #ZLP# has a 1 second delay approx.)
  • ADD faded shadows instead of sharp shadows with a parameter to control how faded/sharp
  • ADD shadows for TEXT
  • FIX the text effects that works only into Creator.
  • ROUND TEXT LAYER to have a text formatted into a circle

Dario Marnoni


I would buy the Facer Pro watch maker program without free watch downloads if it was a one time purchase! I will never ever buy a software subscription.


i would like to see the freezes on the Samsung watches fixed and i would like interactive features (like an app launcher to be put on the free version of the creator.)


its not going to happen, apple is to stubborn and they don’t like customization


haha true.

But I can be hopeful :cry:

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I have an old complaint that has never been dealt with. I cannot control which of my collections are visible on my phone. If (as has happened) one of my grandchildren clicks the red heart on one of my collections (the like indicator), it is removed from my phone and I can’t get it back. We need much more control over collections: the ability to delete, combine, remove from our phones, and be able to add them back to our phones.
I also would really like curved text.


Today i just want one little thing:

1 - Get the watch freezing issue fixed on my Samsung Active 2

I really miss using the app, but i had to stop using since the freezing started.

i noticed another bug after the last update, the exercices countdown keeping closing
suddenly when i was using the watchfaces from facer


The battery indicator doesn’t work on my fossil Gen5 - so fixing that would be top priority for me and help me move over from WatchMaker.
Can we currently edit purchased watches? If not, that’d be #1 for me.


@108roy how do you mean battery indicator not working? Maybe it’s coded wrong on a particular face? It’s a staple of every face I make and it definitely works on my Gen5 Fossil.

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Thanks @kvansant - it was showing as empty even when full… but now working fine. I guess it just needed a reboot or something


I am confused, what do you mean about collections? Can you expand more

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And it’s stopped working again! Just shows an empty battery when the battery is in fact at about 75% full.
I’m using the facer creator, it’s a watch I made myself with the basic hands, a photo, date and battery indicator, nothing fancy!

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