Figured it out - battery percentage as dial

It took me way too long to get it right. How to get the battery display as half circle dial.

The rotation is: (#BLN#/30*54)

Math geniuses, why does this work? Where does the 54 come from?

I had to go to MathPapa to find the 54 as x.

I needed it to get the bezel to rotate in this one:


Nicely done, but you should turn Inspection on so people can see exactly what you’re doing and how you did it.


Hey well done @juni00 good lesson . If you use the @petruuccios perfectly descriptive form of maths it is always easier to work out what is happening . Obviously the - makes it go the other way .


Of course, that looks way more logical! 54 really got me.

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Oh, I’m sure no one wants to see my shading and highlight overlays and other trickery I use. I’m pretty sure everyone already knows how to do that. :slight_smile:

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What you say can be true . If you have started a Topic with a strong Title . One that can be searched to find what the topic is talking about . Rather than " Help I am Lost " . It is always the only Pay Back / Pay Forward you can make to keep the Spirit of the community Alive .
People post Wonderful resources on here and added to the Formula Snippets people get to learn how to make some really nice Faces . People often can do one or another , Not always Both .

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It is pretty clean, I like it. Maybe you could add static second hand to the dim mode for better feeling, when some seconds tick marks are already lit.

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I lit those two tick marks to add a highlight for when the hour and minute hand are at the 9 o’clock position but that makes sense.

Did you know you can actually add a second hand for dim mode and it works? But I guess it defeats the purpose of dim mode.

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I knew I can let it visible in creator, but whenever I tried on my watch, it “worked” like this:
When the watch went to dim mode, the second hand froze. When the watch woke up, the second hand first appeared where it froze, then it jumped to actual position. Maybe its better meanwhile, but I did not try it more than year.

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A lot of Designers Park the Second Hand in AOD. It looks good not like a mistake. Quite a few things do not work in Real AOD but still show in Creator. Animations and Live Heart Rate etc.

Not complaining, don’t really care, but if you ask other people for help I don’t think it’s fair to hide your “trickery”.
russellcresser and petruuccios are kind enough to help anyway. I’m not.

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But it’s not really watch face specific, it’s just graphics. I’ll share any creator related trick I find but so far I’m still new to it.

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