Fill ratio to equal the time

Hi all,
I have a idea for a watch face I’d like to make but after messing around with it for a while I don’t know how to get it to work. My idea is to have a arc fill in over time to indicate the hour and another one to indicate the minuet. I have tried searching the forums for any other posts but couldn’t find anything similar. I have seen it done on other facers so I know it or something similar is possible. All help and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

This is a sample on which the arc is filled showing the hours.

Formula for minutes (#DWFMS#*180/360)
The formula for the hour (just replace the formula for the watch) ((#DWFKS#%360)*180/360)


Source files.

You can use the ARC shape with the following formula in the Fill Ratio field. Rotation -90 or whatever you need.




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Thanks for your help. I think I’ve got it working now.