Finally Figured Out How To Do This

Been racking my brain on how to do this. I think it turned out pretty well.

What do y’all think?


Are you trying to hypnotize us :dizzy_face:
I can see all kinds of background variations for this :+1:

Not trying to hypnotize on purpose, but if it worked, send lawyers, guns and money! :laughing: And yes I do have some alternative backgrounds in mind.

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Cool problem solving! The only thing I can think of how you did it would be creating your own font out of essentially layer masks or achieving the same result with using the technique of individual image layers for each number. Either way, sounds like a lot of work!

But more importantly, if you could hypnotize us to obey your commands, why is send lawyers at the top of your list ?!

Yes it was basically just a stencil in black with the number being (cut out) clear. And for the “lawers, guns and money” comment, the lawyers are only because of those not hypnotized so I can defend myself in court. :laughing: