Finally got my Summit 2 🙀

It was a looooooong wait, but finally my Summit 2 from the Montblanc contest arrived! It was apparently sent out a little later than the other winners’ watches because the titanium with blue strap I requested was not in their inventory. It was shipped in February only to arrive in NYC the day the Covid19 lock down began. It’s really a beautiful watch! Here are a couple of wristies, one is my winning design, the other is one I built yesterday in celebration.


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loving the titanium/blue strap combo


Lovely! Well done.

@ThaMattie me too ! it was kind of hard to decide between this and the classic SS case with leather strap. But I decided the darker titanium might be more accommodating to a range of color schemes, in particular rose gold. I can always swap the strap just like any other watch. But the blue/black strap looks Sharp! Battery life seems to be good, at least as good as the Carlyle.

Thanks @Rator and @dubblebee ! :beers: