Finding for this watchface

Hi guys, anyone know where to find this Lunar Calendar watchface (from Apple Watch) for Samsung Galaxy Watch4? Only the circle part (bottom image) without the complications also can.

Much appreciated for the help.


Welcome @gch_0921. There is a lot going on in that face. Do you mean you just want the Moon Phase Image in the Centre. With Digital and Analogue time?

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Hi @russellcresser. Yes, i just want the Moon Phase with digital time in the centre. The complications is a lot and can’t fit in my Watch4. Btw the moon phase has transition. You can watch the video below for more explanation.


Have you got a Galaxy Watch 4. There is plenty room on there for All Sorts. I use a GW4. Apart fom battery life I think it is the Best Watch. Samsung are even thinking of bringing the Rotating Bezel. I can make you a Face with 28 images for the moon phase. I Will put digital time 12/24 Hrs for you. At the minimum we should have a Battery Gauge. I often include the Date but we could talk about that. I will ask you to follow me and I should publish a WIP for you to look at later today.

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Yes I owned a Galaxy Watch4. The battery life is disappointed. Looking forward to Watch6 for the upgrade. I have followed you just now. Ok I’ll keep my eye on your WIP. Thank you.

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OK . So are you talking about an Apple Watch 4 ?

So we have this for WOS / Tizen

Or this which we can use as a template for Apple .

I’m talking about the Galaxy Watch4.

Btw thank you for design the watch face.

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If you want to look at it on your watch I will publish it. If you wanted to see the moon phases in a ring I have to build that yet. I see battery Gauge in the Badge at the bottom. Not much else actually.

@gch_0921 Check this out.

Very nice. Thank you so much

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You are welcome. The perfect compliment to a Maker is a comment on the Publication Preview with a Wrist shot of the Face on your wrist. Square Format turn down Brightness. :joy::blush: