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Finding Inspiration

I have read many topics here regarding where to find inspiration. In my profile I consider myself to be an eclectic designer with a lot to learn - inspiration can be found in many, sometimes surprising places. For example-

The inspiration - a dinner plate! Another source of implementation is of course Facer, I’m an avid reader of topics on this community and am extremely disappointed when on occasion I open and find no new topics to read. You only need to read and look at the charts to find many good ideas that you can copy and adapt or implement. Facer is full of good ideas and inspiration. The sundial inspired me to make four other watches where the inspiration was to make faces based on earth, wind, water & fire to complete my ‘No batteries required’ collection! When the collection is finished I’ll post them here for advice and ideas.


I would hate to say how many times I’ve looked at something and wondered what it would look like in a watchface. One day I was watching a video on YouTube about the history of automobile dash clocks. They showed a picture of a 1980’s quartz clock that was widely used back then. It got me thinking and I ended up making a watchface like that. MAG 2017

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inspiration can be anything.
Art, vases, the kitchen or anything everyday outside…

In real life I am considering making lamps out of old street signs…

you just have to go through life with open eyes.
Well done! Keep it up


I had one of those clocks in an old Simca 1501 I once owned!


that was a nice car.

Speedometers and clocks from vehicles are always a great source of inspiration.
Unfortunately, there are always users who approach the topic incorrectly.
In the charts is a speedometer with a protected logo.

Inspiration and spiritual theft are sometimes very closely related.