Finished (WiP) AE-JG

I had already shown the beginning in another topic.
Now I wanted to show what will become of it.

Its a lot to do.


Certainly getting there, and a nice design too, well done.
In my opinion the Hands don’t look right though, not sure about that Gold colour on them, or on the corner screws either, just doesn’t look right to me sorry :thinking:

It’s a (Work in Progress) :wink:

The hands are modeled on old airplanes.
However, it will not copy a display from an airplane.
I don’t know exactly how everything will look like in the end.

With black details it’s also nice, I think.


Yes, now that’s what I’m talking about lol

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I had drawn a propeller for the bg.
but I just didn’t like it.

Now it is the pointer for sec and battery.

the gold ring is gone now too.
Bothered me because it wasn’t that balanced.

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First test run

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It’s coming along nicely.
A few things I’ve noticed (feel free to ignore any of my rambling):

  • The battery hand animation is cool
  • The background is a bit dark now that you made the hands black. The battery hand is hardly visible.
  • While the animations are fun, the jump from a time in dim → to 12 o clock → to the time in active is pretty annoying. If you’d park the hands in dim and have digital time shown or something, it might work, but now it seems like a non-practical delay.
  • I find that the rotating milliseconds (?) are distracting.
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Unfortunately not my merit :wink:
As with aircraft gauges, you should only be aware of the tip of the pointer

Yes and no
I personally find the rotation to the end point too slow
I will work on that.

i edited that.
The delay is ok.
The movement to the endpoint is now faster.
I test it on my watch.
You need 0.5 seconds anyway from activating the display to focusing on the time.
This is how you perceive the movement of the hands when you look at the watch.

I’d like a stopwatch there
But I’m waiting for the activation of this function

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I guess that makes sense

I don’t know how you’ve set up your watch, but I have mine set up to activate upon wrist flick.
So when I lift my wrist, I can already see the time in dim mode, then at a certain point the watch activates, and in your case it will jump to 0 now, and then go back to the time I was already trying to observe.
The animation would feel more natural if the hands are already parked in dim mode, or not visible yet (like the battery hand).

Be aware that that is a pro feature and it will make your watch a paid watch instead of a free one.

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that’s right.
I’m thinking about what the best solution is.
If I can’t think of anything better, the normal sec comes in at the bottom, and the sec hand goes away from the main display.

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I’m not entirely sure why this works at all, but it works.

The battery gauge now really works like a fuel gauge.
The hand starts at “empty”, jumps once and then goes to the real fill level.

I’m happy to share the code that gets it working.
But don’t ask me why it works. :rofl:

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I would like to end this topic now.
First of all I would like to thank everyone without whom these functions would not be possible.
@ThaMattie @petruuccios
I would also like to thank everyone who gave me good advice on the design.

Recent changes:
The seconds are down
The background has a subtle engraving
The duration of the effects is much shorter
Dark Mode with date, with customized graphics
(the effects and the seconds are disabled in dark mode)

The face will be ready for sync in the next few hours


I think it is overly dark sorry :disappointed:

It’s ok if you have different tastes.
I don’t like everything either.

There will be more models of this over time.
There will be something for every taste.

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