First Deep depth effect watchface

any suggestion and scope of improvement.

I tried giving shadow and depth effect.

what color should i use?, I will change tickmark, dim mode and numbers color in the end though.



Looking good! Well done!

Very nice - good use of shadow and I like the sub-dials.

Thanks a lot!

Appreciation from you means a lot, really glad you like it.

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Thanks matte! I tried to keep it minimal.

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Only suggestion I could make would be to add white highlights to the 12 and other hour indicators. It’s a subtle thing to make them pop more and look 3d. Alternately, adding some shadow around them in addition.

Kind of like this:

…except without the chrome stuff.

It helps to make those parts of the watch look rounded/3d.

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Very nice work…

This face does look very good! The bezel do create good depth. I do agree with @cth4242 though about the highlights. Shadows are the most important part about making things look 3d, arguably more so then the actual light. But in order to make it look truly realistic you need light, shadows, and highlights.

My only suggestion is to change the watch and phone symbols. They have the default drop shadow turned on which is to give the illusion that the object is lifted off of the surface of the watch. The symbols look like their floating above the watch itself.

If you put thoes symbols built into the background layer with a shadow touching the symbol it will appear to be part of the watch but still raised. If that isn’t easy to do with your software you can just copy the layer, tint it black, change the transparency to 60ish, and then offset the position by about 2-4px.

Hope that helps but the face does look great though even if you don’t change it. Keep up the good work!

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Good job, well done.

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I kind of liked your suggestion, Will try to add for sure! thanks again…
Which other i can use for this watch face, suggestion?

You are good! Done, That you recommended…

Haha thanks. Realistic analog faces are my style so I have a lot of practice. How do you feel about the changes?

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Self explanatory. when you implement changes recommended by epitomes. really good indeed.
which other color i should use for this watch face. any suggestion. @Orakix @cth4242.

Cool, I really like the natural colour you’ve used on the first one.

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So, you asked for colors. The best classic combination and the one i like most is black, silver and red.

Black and silver as base and red for application highlights. You can add some white as well…

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To be honest, the red background with the black text/info is a little hard to read.

That being said, like phantasico I’m partial to black/red combos… more bold color combinations. Keep a list of colors you like in a file for future use (or you can make your own color themed collection later on)

What I’d suggest is the following:

There’s two links to color scheme generators that will help you find colors that complement/contrast well… find a combination you like and test it out in the editor. Send it to your watch and see how it looks when shrunk down to watch size.

EDIT: I like that shade of blue in the 2nd watch. I’d put that color into the link above and see what they recommend looks good with it.

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Black and red is also my favorite, How can i forget that combination?, silly me…

Thanks i will try soon…

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That’s a good website to play with… Thanks a ton.

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