First design for my first collection

Hi everyone. I am currently working on a collection of designs and have been experimenting like crazy. Here is a preview of the first watch face for said collection. The plan is to create vibrant yet clean and easy to read layouts with minimal clutter that are not too hard on the battery (or the eyes). Let me know what you all think of this first design, called Geminus. Thanks in advance for any and all feedback.

Oh yeah, I am trying out a new logo design, also seen at top of the face.

One question, should I wait to release the entire collection at one time or it is okay to release one at a time?


Looking good. I like the new logo. And, I’m not sure about the release plan; my instinct would be to release them gradually, building interest as you go. However, I am still relatively new to this so I am not sure that my intincts are valid :slight_smile:

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mikeoday, I value you input, my friend. I will take a shot at gradual release and see how things go.


It’s looking good! I’m very interested to see the whole collection when it’s done. I recommend gradual releases too. You can only have one face on your watch at a time. So If you were to release say 5 and a user liked all 5 then they would be forced to choose one at the time. They might go to one of your others on their next change but there’s a good possibility they find another thing they like too. Also one at a time will help build your fan base while you continue to develop these faces. Then when the collection is done it will refresh the interest of your fans and also grab even more people.


Well done! Great looking face!


Orakix, I have decided to go that route.

Facer Official, thank you very much.

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