First design syncs halfway then crashes app... Help?

I’m a newbie here and designed what I think is a simple face. It runs in the simulator and doesn’t generate any error when I sync from the webpage design gallery. The Facer app on my Gear3 shows the message “Syncing Watchface” but as the blue strip approaches the 30 minute mark, it just grinds to a halt and never finishes.

I’d love for someone experienced to inspect the design and see if they can figure out this roadblock. I’m not familiar with the UI here so am not even sure how to share the design for others to inspect. I enabled inspection in the draft.

Please advise and thanks!

Hi Drfoto i tried to inspect your design but its not yet approved for inspection, ill try to help if you allow it
i haven’t run in to mach issues with my designs but my designs are really simple. take care i’ll check later

What do I need to do in order for you to be able to see the design and help me? Does the design need to be published first?

In exploring icons I found one that generates a shareable link. Is that what I need to give you? If so try this…

Hi drfoto Im not an expert but i didn’t found any problem with your face design other than a little misalignment
in the background image in relation to the watch face center. also you migth want to check your dim mode i’ll probably remove the second hand since it’s not really functional, you should also create duplicates of your face parts and name them (gray or dim “hour hand”) for example, to make it easy to turn them on and off in each face mode and adjust the color individually.

In fact I was able to sync it to my Watch with NO issues i’m using a Samsumg gear2 nice watch face by the way hope this help. :smile:

Surprised. Thanks so much for the constructive feedback. Perhaps it’s something local with my watch and/or watch/phone connection during the sync. I’ll keep at it. Have a great day! Mark

Wow, can’t explain it but today the sync went flawlessly. Go figure. Thanks again.

I was so pleased that the watchface sync’d that I wasn’t paying attention to a critical feature: the time! For some reason the hour was two behind. Can you think of any reason that might be? Could there be a time zone feature for which I need to check the setting?