First digital moon spin

My first digital watch made, the moons spins, however cant find tag to make the moon spin a little faster


Hello, I guess (#DWE#*how many degrees per second you wish) should work.

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Not bad crzzed, well done :clap:
For image rotation, I always use (#DWFSS#*4) where the 4 is the speed of the rotation.

Congrats! Cool!

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Seeing as your Face is a view from inside a spaceship, why not have a different Planet rotating outside? Here’s Tatooine and a couple others for you ok -

Planet 07
You may need to change your Font size for the Steps as well, or just check that 10,000 Steps can fit in… :thinking:

step counter fixed, had the text area to small

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ok all its been updated, fixed steps, also moon/planet change on watch wake up.

Thanks icrltd4 for images

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No problem, always happy to help, and nice work on changing them with wake up :+1: Whenever I want images like that, I search Google or Bing Images for “planet transparent PNG” or whatever I want “transparent PNG”

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I like the design and the rotation seems good to me, very well done👍