First face and first post

First watch face. I can see myself enjoying learning what all I can do.


Welcome, may the Facer be with you!


Yeah well done @bgilmore007. Enjoy.


Off to a good start! We’ll done! :+1:


Respect for Posting your work Inspectable . @bgilmore007 Note . If you use the Background Image Layer the Default Opacity is 47% . Complete mystery to me as well . In this Face it works really well but bare it in mind . I always drop my Background into an Image Layer . Some times you have to move it to the Front a bit .

Also the rotation for the background layer does make sense . 360#DWFSS# . It is just multiplying the seconds . The watch can cope with big numbers but it is not good practice . If you were attempting to make it go anti clock try -#DWFSS# I usually put everything in brackets . (-(#DWFSS#))
I suspect you were trying to do this (360-(#DWFSS#)) which is actually the same thing . And -((#DWFSS#)*6) will make it go faster .


Thank you very much.

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Honest, not a fan of the blue but that’s just me

Love the x-wing/seconds and how the hour and minute hands look like light sabers
Over all, good quality.

Welcome, I look forward to seeing more from you.

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welcome! Have fun and clear your calendar :slight_smile:

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