First go at a premium "Pilot" Chronograph

I don’t expect to get much reach on this one as it’s a premium face. I wanted to make a realistic fully functional 12-hour Chronograph and make all diagnostic info available with the touch of a button and do it tastefully and on the down-lol Anyway, i’ll drop it here for you all to check out. Lots of color combos and a free version on the way too.

Tap 1 o’clock start/stop Chronograph
Tap 5 o’clock reset Chronograph
Tap bottom sub-dial to park/unpark hands
Tap left sub-dial to toggle between traditional Chronograph sub-dials and info/diagnostics


Looks nice! I’ll sync it and enjoy it…


That’s great work there, very impressive.
The Hands colour would look good for the beating heart rate progress ring, and a different colour for the Hands and Tickmarks :thinking:

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Thanks, I have already made a bunch of hand, increment, and dial colors and I’ll be publishing them soon. Maybe I’ll do an ultra premium with a color picker too.

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Here’s a Panda dial version too. :panda_face:


Good work, but you could park the hands automatically when you activate chrono.
So, when you tap 1 hands park and chrono start. Tapping again 1 hands unpark and chrono stops. Tapping 5 reset hands and chrono.
This is what i do on my chronos