First look on GAUSS-Tourbillon

Hi, this a preview from my next watch face, called GAUSS-Tourbillon.

Its not yet ready (some customization options and a few other things…) but you can already see the design.

The Tourbillion works correctly and i built a gyro based rotational metal reflection for a shiny look.

I hope you enjoy.


Wow really cool!! Very classy and love the tourbillon.

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That is amazing. This might be your best one yet.

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nice @GAUSS :+1: what did you end up using for the high-speed spin? Did you GIF that? or rotation formula?


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@Thank you very much, @chadwgraves37!

@jmorga106: Made it rotational with three blurring layers (one for the shadow).

You are to good at making these look realistic. Would you mind sharing some skills with me?
Haha great work again GAUSS, you never cease to impress me.

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Hmmm, so what can i share?

It‘s all about lights and shadows. That‘s what achieves a realistic look.

Have a look at my layers in the watch face and you will see what i mean.

This is clearly another winner in a long line of amazing work. Just curious… what program do you use for your graphics design? I’m always on the fence as to the best choice.

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I was just making a joke. Like please take some of your skill and give it to me. You have more then enough. Haha

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Believe it or not… just working with Autocad for Layout and with ol Photoshop 6 for finish.

But i am very experienced in both programs…

Did you tryout the customizations yet?

Click on the fields between 3 and 9 o‘ clock…

It´s perfect!! :clap::clap::clap:

You certainly are! That design is amazing! I can’t believe that you are giving it away for FREE. :astonished:

I can‘t give it away for free, @Linlay. I used customization and then you can‘t publish it for free anymore.

My mistake. I didn’t realize you haven’t published it yet.

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Will the published version be different from how it is now?

No, i just refreshed the link above. This is the final version. But why do you ask? Is there something missing?

No its amazing as is all your work. I just didn’t know if it was the finished work or if there was anything different after it gets published. I think its perfect. And you know I will be buying it!!! :wink:

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Very top notch, brilliant craftsmanship

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Thank you very much!