First Look on watchface GAUSS Evolution

Hi @ll,

i want to give you a first look at my current project GAUSS-Evolution:

It is the most complex watch face i ever built.

It has over 100 layers, with working UTC-Worldtimer Bezel and hand, a large display that could be shown or hided with 5 selectable modes (Date, Battery, Activity, Weather,Stopwatch).

The display color is customizable (7 colors) and the deco objects themeable…

Beside all this you have 6 app access variations on the main screen.

Tap on the middle to open the globe and explore the modes, left and right side of worldtimer bevel -1/+1 h, upper side is reset.

The watchface itself is ready but it will take a few days until it will be published, due to testing from facer staff and instruction pictures i have to create.

Inspect mode is open.

I hope you enjoy.


Phantasico aka GAUSS


Amazing! Love the globe opening for the reveal!

looks pretty epic

Looks awesome. Have you tested it to see how long the watch battery last?

Thanks a lot!

I love the globe-effect as well, lol. But it was a lot of work since i didn´t found an adequate globe i had to create it all by myself. Don´t know, how many clicks i made on all this continents… :slight_smile:

@sampadodegtasa: I will test it but i don´t think it will be a big problem with battery consumption. The size and complexity of the watch face doesn´t affect the battery draining at all. Only the overall brightness level of the graphics does. That´s the reason why i mostly create darker watch faces …

I think it will be similar to my other watch faces and i never heard any complaints.

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I had no idea. Thats awesome. Thanks for clarifying that.

Well I can guarantee you this will definetly be added to my Gauss collection. I love it.

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Thank you, @chadwgraves37!

This special watch face is my real masterpiece…

New Banner - what do you think?


You keep out doing yourself. I don’t know how you are gonna top this amazing work.

Wow…Is it wrong to want to make love to a watch? Because the awesomeness of this design is making me feel weird things :stuck_out_tongue: Great work as always @GAUSS

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All i can say is WOW…you are a true asset to Facer. This creation of yours is breathtaking for sure.

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Thats awesome…

Holy cow that is epic!

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LOL True

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Thanks a lot! Just now it has been published.

Excellent work indeed!!
I’ll be installing this on my Android-paired watch, but wish that @Facer_Official could address the issue of enabling premium content for IOS-paired devices.
Keep up the great work!

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Thank you. And - yes - you are right. I do have the same problem with ios and android.

Wow the banner is awesome!

^Thank you very much, @jmorga106 !