First new face in a while

I’d been a bit stuck for Ideas then saw the watch Gordon Ramsay has been sporting on Kitchen Nightmares.
It gave me a bit of a new direction colour and style wise though I have done circle inset analogue watches before.
I think I could maybe work on the main hands some more but thought I would throw it out there for oppinions.


Nice and simple looking, works well Rob, nice work my friend :clap:

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Strangely though, the WB needle does not seem to display in AOD/DIM mode on my watch even though it does in creator and all previews, even though it has the same settings as the PB needle aside from battery monitored.

So, it must have been a creator issue @Facer_Official. I opened up the face in inspection mode on a seperate PC, deleted the needle and re-created it with the exact settings and now it works as expected. There must have been some kind of object corruption previously.

It has happened before where an element is corrupted in some way in the creator and the only thing to do is delete and re-create it. Sometimes a delete, save, undo save is enough but if not total recreation is the only way.
Not sure what causes it or which watches it affects but I have had a few instances of elements being shite on the watch until I deleted and recreated them. Usually when they were created in the early hours UK time when the facer DB was especially busy but it is getting busier all the time and there are no announcwements of them spending any money on increacing capacity to accomidate the users.

Added a version with basic weather now I figured out the dial issue:

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