First or Second Digit of the Minute in an Hour?

I see there’s:

DhZA First Digit of the hour in day AM/PM (0-1) 0
DhZB Second digit of the hour in day AM/PM (0-9) 4
DmMT String Value for Minutes (Tens Place) Fifty
DmST String Value for Minutes (Ones Place) Seven

But no way to display the tens or ones place of a minute in numerical format.

Or did I miss it?

i would like to be involved for when this is available, im trying to make an arch with the time and i can do it with the hours, but not with the minutes… can someone help about this? this has been asked before about a year ago and it was never responded, if is not available or it will be in the future it would be great to know… thank you in advance, I think Facer is the best that has happened to smartwatches… :smile:

I guess you can use:
(floor(#Dm#/10)) for the Tens
(#Dm#-(10*floor(#Dm#/10))) for the Ones



thank you! i’ll test it right away

it works! i would say we need to communicate everyone about this, so they have another tool to do this… thank you so much!!!