First & second minute digit tags?

Does anyone know if there is a minute version of #DhZA# and #DhZB# ?


No, there isn’t: [Idea] Isolated Tens and Units Digit of Minute Tags

You can use those to calculate 1 and 2 digits:


ok Mellin. thanks man. yeah that’s what I was doing with #Dm#. I have a custom font set of numbers from 0 to 9. Each number is a different image and I was using transparency. So with the example of your formula, if it is 3:28 and (floor(#Dm#/10)) is a “2” then show my number image for 2 (transparency = 100%). Then when it’s “3” show the 3 image, when it’s “4” show the 4 image and so on.


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Woo thanks a lot sir!
Getting the second digit of the minute seemed impossible!