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Hi there,

After some playing around I thought I try and create a more complex watch face.

ACTIVE: Moving background. AM/PM indicator is made with 2 images showing when watch is set to 12hrs format. When using 24hrs time format the indicator isn’t showing. Time itself is multilayered and made out images. Only font used is for day name indicator, day number indicator and watch battery charge.

DIM: Minimal design. Moving background and face made out of fonts instead of images. AM/PM indicator depending on watch settings (12/24 hrs).

Did a lot of reading, couldn’t have done without the tips and tricks from the community.

I must say I’m happy with the result. If you have any remarks or got any suggestions for improvement please feel free to let know. I appreciate it!

Thanks :wink:


Welcome to the Facer Community :smiley:
That’s really cool, some great artwork there, very well done :+1: My only suggestion would be to redo your Dim Display, purely because animations do not work, so it’s best to add static images instead (this coming from a well known animation lover lol).


Nice! Looks great :+1: I agree with @icrltd4 about the dim mode :blush:


Nice watchface - I like the dim face even if it’s a ‘frozen’ animation, the only thing I would change is to make the time and am/pm lighter on the dim face so it has greater contrast.


@BIELITZ @icrltd4 @roycaruso

Thank you for your input. I did not realize the animated background doesn’t work in AOD. In the online preview it did show the animation and must confess i didn’t pay much attention to the animation when testing on my watch.

I’m happy with your feedback on the Dim Display. Will take action on it and see if I can improve. Thanks again, loved to hear from you guys. :grinning:


You’re most welcome, we’re a helpful/respectful bunch here :grin:

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Groovy, baby!



Very nice display, beautiful set of colors, good composition. Love those fonts. You have developed your skills, that is a continuous work. This one is very very candy. Great idea. I would take a bite. :smile: I bet you are a sweet tooth…

What you could do more, is add some extra moving parts, bonbons, fruit, whatever to wiggle or rotate in the other direction as the lolly in behind. Like the orange cut, it is like a wheel. Or inflate some fruits. And you could time them as such that when other parts stop, the other ones, move. Just an idea you know. You are the master of your face.

Some movements i included in this face. Maybe it helps.

Inspection should be on.

If you want to time the movements, you could add in the opacity field

meaning you want this object to move after awakening the face, from 0 seconds till 3

meaning every 2 seconds, move that object.


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Thanks Patrick. Appreciate it and the expressions might come in handy.

As for the font used, this one is called DynaPuff. Grabbed myself a copy of the regular version at Google Fonts: DynaPuff - Google Fonts

Thanks again!


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