First time using the creator today. Feedback?

Ok guys. I just tried out the creator today. It was a lot of fun lol. So I ended up making 2 watch faces. One is pretty bland but I am kind of curious for some feedback on this one: Cthulhu Awakens!

I spent a few hours on this one. Don’t be afraid to be blunt though lol. (BTW click play and see if you like what I did with the hands)

Thanks guys!!!


Hi @a.sp.9027, great start!

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Nice Firsttimer …!

Keep on facing.

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Good work! Very nice, especially for a first crack. Keep it up!

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Thanks! I appreciate that! What do you see that you would change?

YeahI have to agree, great work! especially for right out the gate. As for what I would change, honestly nothing really unless maybe hand shadows. Although the style you have created with this face doesn’t need it. I’m looking forward to seeing what you create next.

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Thank you! Very encouraging lol! I look forward to making a new one!


Great start! Don’t worry about designs being simple. Some people prefer the simple, uncluttered faces. My simple faces do better than the ones I’ve spent hours on - at least for ladies watches. It took me a while to realize that because I had been thinking that the more entertaining and information rich the better. Now I know that is not always so.


Of course I’m going to like this one :smiley: (Cth being short for Cthulhu)

Some suggestions… add some shadows to the hour/minute hands… so when they pass in front of Cthulhu they show up more and add some depth to the design. in the editor it’s the two squares between the Transparency setting and the rocket.

Also on the tags associated with the design, you spell Cthulhu… Cthulu. To be fair, lots of people do… in fact it may help people find the watch by adding multiple spellings. I don’t think there’s a limit, and you can have fun with it. Cthulhu, Cthulu, Bthpthththf, Gurglegurgle, or include tags that might help it show up in results… IE: Horror, Scary, etc…

Nice work! Welcome! Have fun and feel free to ask questions!


Thanks for the suggestions! You are the second person to mention the shadows lol so I went ahead and updated the design. Also realized I could send things back and forth so now the hands look way better. Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

also for some reason the text shows up better on my actual watch than it does on my phone or computer screen. Not sure why that is

I don’t know what a Cthulhu is, so this is coming from a purely visual aspect. I like the design overall. But my question comes from the creature, part of me wants it more like the hands. I think because it feels secondary to the hands. The other things are secondary (weather/steps/etc), but to me I wish the creature took the primary visual cue. I enjoy the clean screen.