Flash image on and off every second (SOLVED - For me at least)


I’m a free member, using the free face creation tool. I do not have access to the pro features at this time.

I am a New York Rangers fan, and I’m developing a watch face that uses the jersey numbers to show a digital time. Everything there is working great thanks to a tutorial I found in the community on using images for numbers.

I have one problem that I can’t figure out. See, I am not yet over the fact that Henrik Lundqvist is not a Blueshirt anymore. So when the minutes are 30, I want an image that says “HEN-RIK” to flash on and off. When the seconds are even, it’s on, and when the seconds are odd, it’s off.

The transparency expression for just the minutes=30 part would be


I think the transparency for just the even/odd flashing would be


I’ve also tried


Both of these work in the creator, so I combined the first one with the minutes to get a transparency formula


This works in the creator app on Windows, but not in Watchbox/My Designs, or on my watch (Fossil Gen 5E). The image is always showing.

Using just the free tools, is it possible to get this image to show when the minutes are 30 and the seconds are even, and not show otherwise? If so, how?


PS: I saw someone in the community suggest #Ds#%2 for something similar to what I am trying, but that doesn’t work anywhere.

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Your fastest and easiest way of doing it would be to put the flash expression into the opacity box. Then use your #DM# == 30 expression in the x position box with ?160:999$ to move it from the center (if that is where you would have it sit) to completely off the watch face or invisible. Then it would only be seen during that time you want. I use a similar type of expression to show daytime and night time weather condition icons by selecting if it is daytime or night time. ( #DISDAYTIME# ) This is one of my watch faces that uses this effect: MAG 1461

Inspection is open (rocket ship icon) so you can see the exact expression I’m using and how it works. BTW I’m also a free user so you’ll be able to do it also.

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First of all, welcome to the Facer Community rick1, where you’ll find loads of cool Tutorials to learn all sorts of things, and there’s also lots of nice and helpful people here too.
I’m a Free User too, and I love Animations and Flashing bits and pieces, so I can definitely help you out with a Seconds On/Off Tag that I use, which is this -
The 500 Number is for an On/Off flash every Second, and can be changed for faster or slower flashing, just as I have done for all the lights in this Face (also with Inspection On Rocket-Inspection Icon )

I hope this helps you, and one last thing…

Thank you for your reply! I don’t see the rock ship icon to inspect your design, and I can’t find the flash expression you mention. Can you give a sample of that expression, please?


Thanks for your reply. I tried copying that expression into the opacity expression on my watch and it didn’t work. :frowning: But I love the GIF! I miss seeing him in goal, but look forward to his number retirement ceremnoy.

To see the rocket ship you will have to follow the link to the watch face. For some reason it does not show when posted here in the forum. Using your computer, when you are on the actual watch face page you will see the rocket ship.

When you click on the rocket ship the face will open in a special version of Creator that will allow you to make changes but won’t allow you to save any of them. The elements you are looking for are labeled WX Icon Day and WX Icon Night.

Hi, try to put this expression into the opacity of your hen-rik image.

I tried opening it in the browser before and didn’t see the rocket ship. But this time I did. So I opened it in the creator, and I open the panel to show the element properties and they won’t show. I can select an element, make it visible and not visible, but I can’t see the properties of any of the elements.

Maybe you need to unlock the layer first.

You were right about the unlock. Such a strange way to do things. Show the fields but make them read only if it is locked.

Anyway. I tried the DNOW version and that did not work, but I tried the floor expression with more () and an == to get


and that works, along with the location being set to 999 when the minutes aren’t 30.

But I still don’t see the flash function that mrantisocialguy mentioned. Does anyone know how to use that?


The expression does work in the Opacity, you must have copied it incorrectly sorry, here it is again for you to use -

I don’t know what it is, but that does not work for me. I copied and pasted exactly what you had. This is me pasting:


It’s the same thing, and it just didn’t work. Strange.

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Here are two different flash expressions for the opacity box.

Every Second:

((floor(((#Ds#/2)-(floor(#Ds#/2))) * 2)) * 100)

On and off every second:

((floor(((#Dsm#)-(floor(#Dsm#))) * 2)) * 100)

The first is on for one second then off for one second. The last one is on for 1/2 second and off for 1/2 second which is normally used for a flashing colon. Remove the spaces before and after the *. I only put the spaces in because the forum will cut them out without the spaces.

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I have it working now. Thanks to everyone for your help. My final solution was


My original solution was


The differences were the extra equal signs, and putting the second #Ds#/2 in parentheses.

It’s frustrating that it works on the creator but not on my watch, especially when you consider that it only happens every hour, so if I make a change and send it to my watch, I have to wait an hour to see if it worked.

Thanks again everyone.

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If I make any changes, I delete the face from my watch and then sync it back after just a couple of minutes, that always works for me.