Flashing Text for 1 second

Hello Facer Community,

I’m a Newbie here. Perhaps can you help me. I’m busy with create a new Watch Face. I want to Flash a Text for 1 seconds (ON/OFF). It’s possible? I’m looked here in the Forum for a Solution, but I found nothing. Many thanks in advance Andreas

You might want to reconsider the Swatch Face. They are very aggressive on copyright infringement and anything with the word “Swatch” anywhere in the watch face, description or the tags will be deleted as soon as you publish it. If you keep it unpublished and only use it yourself then you can put pretty much anything in it you want.

But to answer your question if I’m understanding it is you want an item to flash on at wake and go away after 1 second.


This will fade out an image or text when starting active mode and needs to be placed in Opacity.
The 0,2,2 is speed. 0,A,B) The “A” number is ON TIME larger number = longer before fade
B) is fade time larger number is LONGER fade

OR if you are wanting an item to flash on for a second then off for a second continuously you can use:


This is also placed in Opacity. I hope this helps you.

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Hello @mrantisocialguy thanks for your Info. I’ve changed already too Watch.

thank you. I saved my Text in a png.File and then is this formel working.:grinning: