Flicker when changing watch faces on Samsung Sport

After triple tapping and trying to change faces, there is a constant flicker making it difficult to see and choose

I have the same watch and have had this problem in the past here and there. Just wasnt sure if it was the watch or facer. Not sure what causes it.

Are you guys using the latest version of Tizen on your watch? We’ve seen isolated reports of this in the past and saw it ourselves a few times on our test devices. It seems to be a firmware issue that Samsung claimed to be fixed in the newer versions of their OS.

Just so we can confirm, can you post a video of the issue?

I haven’t had the issue in a while and I’m assuming it’s from updated firmware.

How do I get the video to you?

If you could post it here, that’d be great! If you’re hitting a file size limit, you can probably upload it to imgur or gfycat and post the link here afterwards.