Floors and other S-Health features

I only use faces that include Floors support.
Would also like to see some of the other S-Health features (besides just Steps) supported.

Floor function looks nice, the face I used yesterday counted 8 stairs yesterday. A big accomplishment since my house doesn’t have any stairs. :wink:
It would also be a nice feature when you could tell the watch how many steps your stairs have, because the stairs I do take are not counted, have to walk them 3 times and is counted as one.

Floors aren’t calculated based on specific sets of stairs. They use the altimeter & calculate 1 floor for every 10 ft of inclination at the same time. So, say you climbed 9 ft now & 7 ft later you’re still not going to see even 1 floor. But if you climbed 13 ft now and another 13 an hour from now it will count as 2 floors. You should also know it only calculates on incline & does not count the return trip down. So if you were to climb 40 flights of stairs at once and return down them you’re only going to see 40 floors counted.

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A complete obsolete function also…

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