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Floors support, please

I really would like a face that displays Floors count.
I don’t have much time for exercise, but my office is second floor, and I’d like to be able to count floors as a major feature of Activity.

Would also like other S-Health features, like Heart Rate, Calories, etc.

Yrs, that’d definitely be handy.


Will be sometime? Pls, pls

Sorry to resurrect an old topic, but can anyone recommend a watch face with floor count. I can’t find one for the watch 4. I’m starting to miss tizen.

Hello. I doubt you will find such watchface on facer, but who knows.

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Welcome @daniel030480

The problem I think is Illustrated by my watch . I get Air Pressure readings on the Samsung Apps on my watch but it is all over the place . The estimate of the floors would be made from that and a combination of steps. Facer Air Pressure readings don’t work for my watch . The Designer that attempted that would have to be a PRO as the Variables would have to be accessed . If you look through the Work of the Pros and Partners you will see that Premium Subscribers do not go there very often for good reason .


Thanks for the replies. There is a samsung pre installed face called Fresh. It’s ugly as hell. Guess I’m stuck with that for now. I have 10 floors at work and it’s counting up perfectly though.

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I think if you have a Routine the Data from the sensors can be rationalised. Have you conducted a search for Facer Watches that Include Floors.

This Designer @hayden Has Floors on his faces . You will have to buy them as I said before.

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Those are the “custom applications”… basically it’s a space where a “widget” can show it’s data. This varies per watch as your watch provides those widgets.
Anyone can add those with Creator Pro

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@ThaMattie . Ah Thanks. As always trusted to give the Definitive info . So Floors would never be down to Facer just passed on from the watch via the Widget .