Followers: How to Check?

Is there somewhere in our Profiles where we can see our Followers listed? I get alerts on my phone, but it is not always convenient to review details or follow them in return. Once I’ve opened the notifications on the phone they are gone for viewing when I want to return to them.

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While in the app on your phone, click to your profile screen. Then take the number of your followers.

Found it. Thank you so much. :relaxed:

Hello there. That only shows the first 1,000 followers. How do we track it after it hits 1k??

Hey all,
On this subject…
Is there a way in the browser(PC) side, to view followers? The differences between the phone app and the PC side of things, seems pretty significant. I have been a user for more than a year now and am still waiting for many of these issues to be resolved. Both sides (phone and PC) need a little attention.

Yup I saw that! Where’s the list? Who are they? There’s no way to see.

Hmm yeah, I guess that is in the app only… I can’t find anything on the websites either.

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