Follows likes synchs-expression

no i dont mind public seeing its just follows likes synchs im getting consumed by and i try not to thats my problem its not easy i must just leave them there and not focus on them thats my problem-exactly-its just so difficult and i need to stop checking and worry about it-it can play on my mind i must stop

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That sounds like a good plan. :slightly_smiling_face:

mattie that worked been messing around with it i signed out both chrome and firefox and wen i went to my page the followers were still blanked out-it works for yourself and it deletes even if someone else on internet goes to your site-but how do u get it back now i dont want to mess with this dropper thing i need to restore it im not using this

mattie that is sick ok i restored it-its exactly wat i needed its perfect i just need to test some more-now i am at peace very happy never realised how much i would be its so nice to block it out-why did u wait 2 years to tell me damn that would have been my solution-i actually cant believe it works i actually cant understand theres a tool like this that i need for this problem exactly amazing im absolutely amazed unbelievable im literally awestruck

id prefer facer to impliment this properly its amazing but if facer can make this option ill use it-

I agree

Cool ya beans dood