Follows likes synchs-expression

Im having problems with followers likes and synchs
It is affecting my freedom of creativity
Every time i update a watch or make a mistake on a watch i get unfollowed and it is bothering me
And controlling my channel
I was on 24 followers with 78 watches of my best selected after 2 years
Out of those 24 i made few mistakes on my watches and got atleast 5 unfollows keeping me on 24
I was scared to make watches or post for 2 years because i thought i did something wrong
Which is only making silly mistakes on my watches or overlooking something when i published
Out of 120 plus watches i think i made a mistake on each watch i published which needed to be ammended
My watches are extremely complex all custom made 1 of a kind from scratch made into an original creative idea-there are 1000s things going through my head(exactly) takes atleast 24 hours like 24 hours literally of work if not more to make because of editing to get right colour 1 pic on my watch there are many can take hours of experimenting to get colour effect right
I have atleast 5 pics to edit per watch plus getting colour position right hours for any edit and shapes i use to put through an art effect or editing procedure-the ioriginal dea to come together thought of and position the edited pics in a small watchface-starts out as nothing and throgh experimenting with many duplicates saved takes extremely long constantly changing through each new duplicate-i edit experiment with many more pics and gifs that are not chosen for the watch
So 2 years i was on 24 followers
I had completed my best selected after 2 years as a page of 78 watches 24 follows
Then after completing the set i was featured with my first feature one watch which hit 782 synchs even though it was only featured for 1 week-and a total because of the feature 278 followers
My second best watch after that and 2 years was 40 then 30 then 20 then all sixes threes twos and many zeros for my best selected 78 watches after 2 years
I would get followers repeatedly with same name and only place to find my watch was 3 rows down on featured abstract more watches tab-no trending and on theme trending along way down and no top 100(for any watch)it bothered me why i got so many followers and synchs for 3 months consecutively for my featured watch being featured for only for 1 week
But as i said that watch was in my 78 watches for atleast 5 6 months before featuring with 3 synchs
Then once got followers i updated few watches and every time i got unfollows and it bothered me
Constantly feeling guilty by checking synchs likes and follows-which im not interested in
I made a post a long time ago asking for 3 4 follows literally asked for 3 or 4 follows because i was scared i had too little followers of 24 being stagnant so 3 or 4 would make me feel more comfortable-i got 1 follow from that and 1 follow and unfollow leaving me with 1-atleast 350 people viewed the post-u can check via old post
Ive been worried im unwelcome and dont fit in for 2 years-so after 278 followers i was a bit taken aback and bothered
Also 782 synchs where watch featured for 1 week then taken off and that happened at about 100 synchs(ok well people must have found it on the abstracts featured more tab 3 rows down-but i dont know how that works ive never featured)
I took my watches off as most my watches were on 0 and 3 were 40 and below-so i just wanted to stop worrying about follows synchs and make private-but i dont give up so i decided to repost the 78-i know wat u gonna say my other watches werent good but in my opinion they are just as good as the featured 1 as i have 5000 creator page watches 250 finished watches and these were my 78 best
And out of that 278 got unfollows wen i updated a watch with like 6 synchs
And i update my watches alot not that there mistakes but small things to make them as perfect and readable as possible
This is not you tube i spend many hours on my watches and all are original 1 of a kind
I feel im constantly being judged and scared to update and tinker with my watches and paranoid of my followers synchs likes and number of followers-worried if i change a watch ill get unfollowed and it happens every single time
My confidence with my creativity is being affected-im here to make watches for myself and have fun-not completely being judged and consumed with likes follows
Im sure there are many points here i made which are incorrect but u get wat im saying this is how i feel
I dont want to keep my watches on my creator page-i dont want them with my duplicates-i want them neat tidy presentable for myself on my bio page
I am strong enough to deal with any of these problems-i want to stay on facer i can deal with it-after 2 years i think ill be ok
Wat this is is how i feel wanting to express
Last point be happy with 278 followers -ok absolutely correct agreed-but thats not the message im trying to say
thank you for my 278 followers i appreciate every single one but i needed to tell the truth about my experience-edted sory wen i copied pasted this point didnt write-option to turn off followers likes synchs-more importantly-HIDE

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Enjoy making watch faces and don’t worry about followers or syncs. Not everyone who syncs a design decides to follow us. People come and go as they try things on to see how they look. Everyone has different tastes. Just do what YOU like and don’t focus on followers.


bro this is longest thing I ever seen in my life oh my lord. i had a seizure just reading this


@ALWatchfaces some folks prefer to use details to get their point across to everyone. Let’s keep Facer a friendly, positive place for all.


Just keep trying and forget about followers. It’s just a number.

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Friend, do you enjoy making watch face designs? If you don’t enjoy it, then I would kindly suggest trying to find something else that brings you joy. If you do enjoy it, then I would say it is great that you have found something you enjoy and to try not to get lost in the things that don’t matter as much, such as syncs and followers. It is all for fun anyway :slight_smile: Best wishes to you


thanks batwolf hope u doing well appreciate comment-by the way i love your watches

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Like what you do, be how you like to be, create with fun and pleasure! The way is the goal, not the followers.

The best thing about creative work is that moment when you lean back after finishing and when you are proud of it. It‘s not a question of followers. The reward is in yourself. For sure it is nice when you are getting appreciated, but it should not be the goal or a reason to build your ego upon…

Greetings, GAUSS.


its just a post its one of thousands on facer-im being misunderstood-i love facer i dont care one bit being featured trended or top 100 - i love making watches i realise my watches suck its just im making watches because i love it-i wanted to have fun-i dont want to be judged i wrote within my first week in my bio dont be obliged to follow or like-that these are made for me-but its obviously disheartning to have 24 followers after 2 years i just got caught up in followers likes siynchs its my own fault but its not easy-i want option to hide followers thats all i said first week in bio it can affect my creative process-likes synchs im not interested-im learning but its my own fault letting it get to me-guys this is just a post im cool just got bit confused-


Thank you, I really appreciate that. I’m good and hope you are too. Listen, don’t worry about the followers - you already have a lot! just keep going, you’re on the right track.

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While I agree with everyone trying to help you “emotionally” (the followers and syncs really don’t matter if you just do what you like), I might have a “practical” solution for you if those counts bother you that much.

I don’t know what browser you use, but Firefox or Chrome or whatever allow you to install extensions. If you install uBlock Origin (it’s an ad blocker) you can hide elements on pages. With the extension installed you open your profile and click the uBlock icon. In the info panel select the eye dropper:

Then you click the element you want to hide and click Create in the panel in the bottom right:

All done, your followers are now hidden:

Hope this helps.

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not hidden from me from evryone

ok the reason being its no ones business wen they come to my site for them to look oh hes been there 2 years and only 24 followers-well no one likes his watches its up to people to decide not be influenced by a creator who has alot or little followers thats way people are it can benefit u by getting more if u have a lot and definietly unbenefit you if you have 24 with at one point 120 watches people follow trends which are good its way people are especially in this social media follow like subscribe-you misunderstood-turn off likes synchs followers for everybody including me

i would like a private site where they my watches made private no one can download its i made them they take me hours and hours and hours to make-it should be an option to make my site private-no synchs no folloes no likes-mattie if u can do that i would appreciate it lol thx for your effort-its actually quite clever and interesting

if you want them private, don’t publish them?

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no i dont want them in my creator page sitting with my duplicates i want them private i want them neat tidy presentable in my bio page if people want to look no problem-so i can show my friends family but cant download-i dont want anything more or over the top or extreme if people come to my site anyone and want to look its fine but at top by followers it says private thats all

i like publishing them

mattie i just want to hide followers likes synchs

sorry mattie to give you a hard time tyvm for your effort i appreciate it-im very opinionated its not easy for me to start this post its not easy at all

I think what you are saying is that you want a private page for friends and family, but not public. Facer does not seem to be set up with that option. Anything published can be downloaded. Maybe you could make a screenshot of your designs. Publish that on Facebook, but give only certain friends and family permission to see it. You would have to configure your Facebook privacy settings for that. Another option would be to use a blog site to display your screenshots.You would be able to show them but they could not be downloaded unless they come to Facer.