Font color cant be changed


A font color of the watch face design i created changed after updating the app and i can’t get it back to white.

it shows as white on the online ‘creator’ but is grey on the watch face.

i’m using a gear s2 classic.

Has anyone else had this issue?

You didn’t include a link to the face so I can only guess that maybe you forgot to hide Dim Mode on the Active Mode side. I’m not sure why that would be related to updating the app, though. If you can post the link and open it for Inspector Mode, perhaps the others here will be able to help you better.


This is the link. Hope it’s right.

Can someone help me out?

Duplicate font
like Linlay say
1 for Active Mode 1 for Dim Mode
inspect this

see tag at Day of Week for example, hope this help… :slight_smile: