Font lines/artefacts with creator

I’m just starting with watch face creator and I’m having issues with additional lines appearing randomly on the face that I designed. I’m using Ticwatch pro 3 with whatever is the latest software.


I tried couple build-in fonts and couple I found online and so far those lines seem to appear randomly all the time.

Here’s the link to that face:

Also one more question. I created .png file and I’m simply rotating it to achieve that small glowing seconds dot. From the perspective of battery life / performance, would there be any benefit of trying to use “shape” option in the creator and moving that around instead of the .png file?

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With the question you asked …
Practically, the programming conditions are the same with a PNG file and a SHARE. They have very little differences.
To display the seconds, you can use both, as the SHARE, AND a png file … without problems …

I recommend that you look and read these instruction pages that will help you a lot …
Advanced-Animations :point_left:

I also recommend that you look at our forum, which will help you a lot with your questions

Expression help :point_left:

Hope it helped you with your question
Cordially JDCarodzo

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I have Pro 2020 and I too get those lines sometimes. I’ve never seen them on a built-in font, always with the ones I find online. I think it is the font itself that has these artefacts - affected are always the same characters, doesn’t change randomly. I just learned to ignore it since I can’t fix this in the TTF itself.

Would be great though if someone from Facer confirmed whether it’s a native, or a font issue.

Answering your question: I don’t know of any performance differences between .png and shape animation. Difference will be in how easy it is to achieve (easier with rotating an image with dot at certain distance from the center) and how much control you have over it (shape can be changed on the fly whereas image will require external intervention when you want to change its size).

Hope this helps but let us know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:


I came here to say that I seem to have been wrong.
See, I’ve been experimenting with creating my own fonts and I finally got to exporting data from Inkscape and into Birdfont, so I went ahead and created a font based on 24 segment AD24 display.

I can now see those line artifacts, too, despite looking at the .TTF file (and Birdfont project file) and NOT seeing any extra lines.

It seems I have been wrong, there is something to the matter here.

Thanks for checking, at least I’m not the only one with that problem.

I tried couple watch faces from facer made by other people and I’m not seeing any artifacts. I tried other fonts and seem like certain fonts are less prone to making those lines.

Since creator is pretty basic and we don’t see actual code I don’t think there is much that can be done besides contacting facer support, if that is even an option.