For tizen or wearOS

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the formulas I would like to make the battery circles appear based on the percentages and that I managed to do but to make all the circles appear when it is at 100 how you do it? Even on the contrary, when it becomes zero or 50, the circles that are 60-70 percent must be opaque, how do you do it? Help…

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Hi @francysuar3. I see from your profile that you have used a circular progress on a couple of your Faces already. Post an Inspectable link here and tell us which bit is not working. I do not understand your question exactly.

I need the formula for image filling of the battery life image … I have already figured out how to do each certain percentage of one point but the other points do not stay white when the battery is at 100 or dull when the battery goes down :sweat_smile: Compared to my dials it’s a different thing I’m creating it

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You will have to post an Inspectable link here. I am not understanding what you are trying to achieve.

Have a look at the battery gauge on this. It will give us a talking point.

to make yourself understood look at the healt dial. 3 and look at the battery explain to me how he filled it like this using the formulas and I did the same except the numbers because they don’t fit but it doesn’t work because it only gives me one point at a time without filling everything or they become opaque

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Where is

healt dial. 3


go to the facer creator community go to the wearOS or tizen section search for Healt n 3 and explain to me how he made the battery work which I can’t

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My Friend you will have to help me more . You have changed the spelling of the title . Can you please post a link . I am not finding what you are pointing me to .

that dial is an example of what I would like to do it’s not mine … forget it if you can’t help me …

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Listen @francysuar3 I am trying very hard to help you . Do you know how to do screen shots? I suspect you are on a mobile phone at the moment . You need to get on a system . I am pleased to help you but I need more from your end , Please .
I suspect English is not your first Language . Type in your native Language and I will get Google to Translate.

Is this the one you mean.

All the Faces on that page are inspectable. You can have a good look to see how they work. You could even copy and paste the code into your own Creation.

it is him but it is another quadrant which is then down anyway I copied the formulas but it does not work as it should work

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Cool ok . If you could post a link here we could look at what you have done so far it is usually something simple . Do you know how to make an inspectable link ?

So I have made an inspectable test of how that Battery gauge works . It is important that you know what the layers are doing . If this is not what you want to happen then let me know you will see as I have used shape elements for the demonstration they can be easily adjusted .

Many Thanks to HIGH Watch Faces