Force location refresh

Kind of a workaround of a bug but would be nice to be able to force an update to the current location since Facer has a hard time adjusting to the current city you are in. Example: My watch face stays at my home location all day, even though I’m in a different city for work for 10 hours. It never updates throuought the day. Annoying, other watch face apps do not have this problem (Watchmaker, etc.)

The location is not where you are, it’s where your weather is coming from. It seems to lock on to OpenWeather associated weather stations. I have one in the same town as I live, but when I go to the next town north which is 5 miles away, it still reads my town. Only when I go to a larger city 20 miles away where there is an airport, then it changes to that city name, but not the two towns I went through to get there.


Hello.exactly what @mrantisocialguy said is true. The location depends on your local weather station.


Thanks for the replies, but I wish there were more controls over weather and location like Watchmaker has. It lets you set update interval, weather source, how it gets location, even has a force update option.

I still belive there are issues with location since it will occasionally update to my new location but then revert back to my home location even though I’m still in a different city. Why/how? The weather app is accurate, Facer is not. Frustrating.

Last year I had 4 different weather apps on my telephone plus 1 on my watch and they were ALL different. The reason for the 5 apps was to make a comparison and to decide a factor to calibrate the facer tag (especially air pressure) against the readings from my local airport for a weather based watchface I was making. It’s not uncommon for weather apps, or, the tv for that matter, that the longer the forecast the more inaccurate it becomes - sometimes as much as 50/50 ie it might rain or it might not! My point here is that even if Watchmaker let’s you do all the things you say it does and you get an accurate forecast then you are one of the lucky ones! I can’t rely on mine so like the saying goes if I want to know the weather I look out of the window! Actually I am also lucky as I have the rain radar in my area so I can actually see if its going to rain!


I heard years ago that you can look out your window and have a 50% chance of getting the weather correct. Modern weather forecasters with their computer models only get the forecast right 60% of the time. Below is the ONLY 100% accurate weather forecaster! :rofl:


In Africa in the old days they Dangled a Twisted and Dried bit of Shambok up to Forecast Weather . It was said be Rhino Hide but Probably Kudu or Springbok . Any way it had a little pointy stick pushed through at the bottom when it was raw . When the Humidity changed the thing Untwisted a bit thus the indicator pointed in a different Direction . A significant change in Humidity could indicate a Chance of Rain . No need for any other Data . I imagine an instrument like that was used for Thousands of year before we tried to make humidity sensors .
But I like the Redneck Version . Covers all Bases .