Forever Gaming - Unbroken

@Mellin Here’s the result of borrowing that DVD bouncing action. I did think about speeding up the ball and bar, but didn’t have time to work out the calculations. I wonder if faster might make it less smooth. My one minor complaint is that it doesn’t break any bricks. I thought about putting an animation in the center of the bar that would slowly reveal something, but nobody really stares at their watch that long.

Let me know if you see room for improvement.

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About breaking the bricks:
Since as you said nobody really stares at their watch that long, I would suggest calculating 2 bricks that would be destroyed and only animate those 2.
With current speed, nobody will see more anyway.

Can’t… stop… staring… still… staring… at the ball… it’s hitting… the wall… then the paddle… will it bounce in the corner?.. I… dont know… WAIT!.. no… just a regular bounce…

… still staring…

just… staring…

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I don’t think I’ll be able to calculate the placement of any subsequent hit on the breakout bar. Maybe I can just “release” a block or two from random locations and do an movement animation having them fall when the ball strikes the bar.

If you will use seconds in minute (and not wake up time for example) then calculating it is possible. Od you will want I might help you, but around monday (I’m away from my working station).

Agree with @jmorga106

This watchface is mesmerizing. :+1:

Ok, I’m back.
If you want to work on it sent me a PM.

I’ll give some thought and see if I can figure it out. Don’t want to take up your time.