[formula help] transparency for one second, once an hour?

I am trying to do an animation.
I found a tutorial with the following series in the transparency field for three images
Image 1:
Image 2:
Image 3:

I want to do something similar but more limited to when it occurs (plus with nine images lol)
So essentially I only want the animation to occur on the hour, for the first ten seconds; with the last image staying on for two seconds
So I figure the following:

$#DWFMS#>0&&#DWFMS<=6$ (within the first minute)
$#DWFSS#>0&&#DWFSS#<=6?100:0$ (within the first second + the actual transparency function)

I just don’t know if i can combine the above two arguments.

I would move the seconds ahead for each image as in the example above, e.g. (minus the DWFSS);

6&&<=12, .

Any help would be appreciated.
I think I have explained what I am trying to achieve sufficiently.
I am use to excel where i can put as many “=if()” functions within each as i want. I am still learning this language.

I also found the topic about gifs:

But it is once again a single argument. I want this to only occur on the hour.

This is my beginner attempt:

Thanks :smiley:

While i lay here in bed at 1am, i’m thinking i might be able to modify the gif guide to integers of minutes rather than seconds and that will ensure it only occurs at a certain point in the hour; the beginning of, in my case.
I’ll try in the morning

Are you oke ? I mean if your lying in bed and you think about watch faces… lolz

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Just a heads up, animated gifs currently can’t have a transparency setting applied (if you’re using the newer gif tool)

However, you can manually create layers and animate the gif (split the gif into layers and upload each, etc) and possibly bypass it that way.

I tried the code posted and it didn’t work. I know you can use nested if statements (like check if the day is 1 if not check if it’s 2, if not check if it’s 3, etc) but not more than one boolean.

This thread might help with the hourly animations:

Basically, manually animate the gif, duplicate the layer you want to stay, so when the animation goes invisible, it still shows through (layer wise it’d be on the bottom set to 100)

What you could do is have a repeatable/looping animation, then add in another conditional for the hour that uses one of the axis.

For instance, the animation will play constantly off screen, then for the x-axis - $#DWFMS#=0?x:y$
x would be where is is off screen. Just put something like 1000, then
y would be where you want it normally (probably 0).

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Good idea!

Simpler solution too!

cth4242, that was the plan. I have made my own animation (very badly) using 9 images.
The plan was for them to be displayed a second at a time, i.e. have a transparency of 100 for only a second of the hour.

I will keep working on it.

Last resort I will push it off the screen as suggested. The method I am trying to achieve has to be possible.

I don’t understand why this isn’t working:


This is my understanding of what it SHOULD be doing:
If (Position of minute hand) is greater than 0 and less than or equal to 1 (which should be 10 seconds), then have no transparency (be visible), if not then have 100% transparency (be invisible).

Where have I gone wrong?

Well I kind of got it working.

I have the following in transparency for the following images:

Image 1: $#DWFMS#=0?100:0$
Image 2: $#DWFMS#=0.1?100:0$
Image 3: $#DWFMS#=0.2?100:0$
Image 4: $#DWFMS#=0.3?100:0$
Image 5: $#DWFMS#=0.4?100:0$
Image 6: $#DWFMS#=0.5?100:0$
Image 7: $#DWFMS#=0.6?100:0$
Image 8: $#DWFMS#=0.7?100:0$

Images 4 and 7 aren’t showing for some reason.

Any ideas?

Correctly/more simply stated as:


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You are confusing rotation-angle for minute-hand (0.0 to 259.9 degrees, over 60 seconds) with what you want (seconds). And 10 second period, for minute hand, is actually: 0.0 to 59.9 degrees

Keep it simple:


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