Forum Usernames

Hi there Community, is there a form application or a specific link that I have yet to find where we could request a username change?

I see there is no option to change our username in the settings, although you can add a nickname. I assume this is a popular question and problem based on all the search results when I was looking for solutions. Most topics were a few years old, so just curious if anyone has any new information on the ability to change our forum username.

Thanks guys!
-Port City

Not sure there is such a form. You can change your user name in your profile, as below. But I would not recommend it. Followers will no longer find you and will have to “re-follow” you with your new name.

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If you mean the user name here on forum, I think it is fixed and can not be changed. At least I could not find a way back then, when I realized it was automatically derived from my email.


I don’t remember if it includes a username change, but you can reset passwords here: Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more

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I have changed my forum name on my secondary account, but you only have that option until you post here in the community. Once you do that the option goes away.


Yes, not cool. I also didn’t know it will be taken from the mail (the one I never use).