Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Doesn't go into dim mode

Hey folks,
I have a custom watch face which is supposed to have a dim mode which disables the animations, but on my Carlyle watch the screen dims, but the face doesn’t go into actual dim mode.

I believe this may be contributing to the high battery usage I’m seeing. I just switched back to one of the stock faces and my batter is much more inline wit that I’d expect to see.

Is this a known issue or maybe I’ve overlooked something?


That definitely sounds like a bug! Can you send us an email at so we can investigate that directly with you? Thanks!

I have found a couple weird bugs with simple watch faces and the Carlyle. I’ve submitted one example with screenshots but haven’t heard back yet.

One bug is that instead of actually showing data, it shows the #xxxx# code. It doesn’t do it all the time, just occasionally. I have another watch face that causes the Carlyle to reboot over and over again. The bug I submitted is a simple black watch face where Facer causes the right side of the screen to be washed out white.

@mjlarsen can you share the ticket ID numbers you received when you submitted these bug reports? I can escalate internally.

It’s 42722. Of all the bugs, this is the one that I can’t rectify. The screenshots show exactly what the bug is.