Fossil Gen 5 reboot issues

Hi Everyone,

@Facer_Official @GAUSS @BobT

I have a user that has reported an issue with certain watch faces with his watch. @BobT has a fossil gen 5 watch and when using the following two watch faces seems to reboot, other watch faces seem to be fine:

Both watches are using the newer functions such as compass and altitude, etc.

Hi @BobT, Can you please give us the following for support to take a look:

What is the phone that is syncing the Fossil Gen 5
What is the version of Facer on the watch
What is the version of Facer on the Phone

Are there certain functions that are used to make the watch reboot and does there seem to be something that can cause the issue?

Thank you!


Thanks for the report - we did receive some isolated reports of watch reboots on Fossil Gen 5 when using faces that use the compass function. We are currently investigating this with Fossil and hoping to fix this soon.

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Great News, Thank you!

Enjoy! ~Sirhc

Thanks. Using Pixel 2XL. Facer app 5.1.25_101589. Facer watch 5.1.25_ 101589