Fossil Gen 6 Glitchy Watch Face

Hi, I wondered if you could help with an issue that’s been happening recently. I have a Fossil Gen 6 watch and have been using it for quite a while now, with watch faces I generally get from developer MIKEOB . Currently I’m using the SOLACE GR+, but this issue also happens on other faces. After a while (I’m not sure how long, it appears to be random), the face glitches and becomes unusable (see below)

You can see the watch hands have disappeared, all the information is missing and it looks like there is a second white watch face off centre to the left.

The only way to resolve this is to reload the watch face, or choose another from the Facer app. Then it’s a case of waiting for it to happen again.

This is only a relatively recent occurrence (within the last month). I have tried resetting the watch and reloading everything, but the issue persists. Any help would be appreciated.

First and foremost, restart your watch often. That will prevent things like this from happening. I turn my watches off before putting them on the charger. The Facer version 7 is very glitchy on my Fossil Carlyle gen 5 watch running WearOS 2. On my Galaxy watches with WearOS 3, it’s pretty good, but not perfect.

I restart every morning :frowning:

I should also point out, a restart doesn’t resolve the issue either. Only changing the face or reloading it on facer sorts it out.

That sounds just like my Fossil Carlyle does. I end up like you, either resyncing the watchface or switching to a Fossil stock watchface then back to Facer. For me it is only a slight irritant since I only use the Fossil for testing purposes and not to wear. I don’t seem to have that issue with my Galaxy watches for some reason. But on them I normally don’t use Facer all day, I rather like the Samsung Dashboard watchface and tend to use it a lot.

I have the same - but only on facer watchfaces. It’s new for me too. I’ll try your advice.

I have same problem with my Fossil Carlyle. It started with new version 7 of Facer

Can we get a bug fix? Please!

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Have you reported this to Facer Support so they can track the numbers and models having the problem?

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