Fossil Gen5 - day of the week always displayed in full

Hello there.
I’m using a Fossil Gen5 (Carlyle) and have a big issue with Facer. All the watchfaces that show the day of the week abreviated in the phone app (Mon, Tue, Wed, and so on), appear in full name on the watch, which leads to the text going out of the designated space. It’s enfuriating because I can’t use most of the watchfaces that have the day of the week.

This didn’t happen on my Huawei Watch and I simply can’t find a way to fix it, it seems the Fossil watch doesn’t recognize the code that makes the days show abreviated. Also, my watch is in Portuguese language, don’t know if it makes a diference, since it adopts the language being used on the phone and I can’t seem to find a way to try it in English language. Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks in advance :wink:

Welcome to the Community Colorline206, there’s lots to learn here and plenty of helpful people too, some of which I’m sure also have the same Watch as you, so someone should be able to assist you…good luck :crossed_fingers:

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I’ve never heard of that issue before or seen it happen. Here’s the same face with abbreviated day of the week on both a Huawei Watch and fossil Gen 5 Carlyle. As you can see no problem.

Can you link to a face that has that problem?


Every watchface does that, the one you display would have that issue. I will take a photo to show the problem.

Thanks for helping @kvansant :+1:
And just for your information @colorline206 kvansant is one of the best Face Creators here, so it would definitely be worth checking out his profile HERE ok

@icrltd4 So I see, I love the B Sharp watchfaces. This issue refrains me from buying more premium watchfaces exactly because they show up “disfigured”.

Here is the problem, comparing with the preview that shows in the website, check the 3 dots after the word “QUA” (WED) on the watch, and the fact that is not centered in its space:

Using the watchface @kvansant shows, you can see the day displayed in full and overlapping the day of the month:

And how it shows in the website and the android app, in its correct form (sorry for the quality):

And unfortunately is not an issue with this unit, as it is the second Fossil Carlyle I own since the first had a problem with the speaker and was replaced for a new one.

Just a thought (as I’m no expert and have no experience with Fossil watches), but are you running the latest Software/Firmware on you Watch, and the latest edition of the Facer App as well? Just a thought :thinking:

Yes, all is up to date.

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hmmm… What language is that for you? Now that i see it’s not English I do recall a couple of designers reporting this problem. But it’s only a problem for some languages (i seem to remember Polish being one of them) Let me know the language and I’ll bring it up with the Facer team.

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Portuguese. And there is no way (through the watch, at least) to change it, even with developer options enabled.

This is an issue with Facer. I’ve sent in a report about a similar issue with another language where the day of the week is abbreviated to a single letter and it just doesn’t show up at all. Seems like you’re having the same issue but with the 3 letter abbreviation.

At least they know about it. Hopefully they can figure out a fix asap. While you wait, at least you can find faces that don’t abbreviate those elements.


Faces with Day Wheels should work I would have thought…just another thought as I just Published one (but it does have abbreviated text Date when the Hands obscure the Wheel as well though, so no use for colorline206 unfortunately).

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Thank you so much for all your help, guys. I really thought it could be an issue with this watch model until I noticed the same happened in the Huawei, but if similar problems happened with other languages I feel hopeful for a future update that might solve it :smiley:

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@icrltd4 some Day Wheels are fine, like the one you used in your latest watchface, and some others adopt the full name of the day.

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Hello, did you try to change the language settings in your phone? For example to English or Spanish? The watch should take the settings from the phone.

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I have, that solves the issue. And I would not mind using the watch in English, but unfortunately it doesn’t allow to choose a different language from the phone independently…

It is the typical inconsistent implementation of localized day/month names in OS.
I faced this when making watch faces for my gear S3 with tizen. Some languages had abbreviation 2 letter, other 2 letters and dot, another 3 letters another again 3 letters and dot, and some did not have defined abbreviation at all.

Must be a language issue. I also got a gen 5 and with Dutch or English, no problems.