Fossil q with iPhone

No matter what I try I cannot get a qr code to generate on my fossil q gen 3. Please help this is the reason I bought this watch

@tmortellaro Hi! Are you able to open the triple tap menu at all?

Actually as soon as I posted this the qr code showed up and it’s working great!!!


@tmortellaro That’s great to hear! Enjoy!

I have been having the same problem I have reset my watch twice with no luck,tapping 3 times to explore works fine but the qr code is not working. Need help

I also cannot get this to work on my brand new Fossil gen 4. Numerous reboots and reinstalls of the Facer app with no success. I have seen several reports of this over the last few days with no definitive solution from support. What is the permanent fix?

Hi @nicky3972 and @denso.sard1!

Sorry to hear about the issues you are having. Unfortunately, this is caused by a bug in a recent update from Google to their WearOS app on iPhone. They have notified us that a fix is on the way but was delayed because of Apple’s holiday shutdown (which ends today). We recommend you keep an eye out for an update of the app in the App Store here:

We will also keep the community updated when Google’s fix is released in our official thread for this issue:

Thanks so much for your patience!

Thanks, looking forward to the issue being resolved.