Fossil won't upgrade current Wear OS watches to the new platform

Just found an interesting story on Android Central. Fossil won’t upgrade current Wear OS watches to the new platform. I thought I would post a link here so others can find the story easily.


At least its fair from them to warn people, who might have been considering buying any of current models, they should not expect big updates, before they may end up disappointed later.

My husbands watch is a fossil. I called 1-800-449- 3056 They are letting him send it back for a refund. Even after the 90 day limit.

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That’s a good deal. I’ve read that Fossil has a great return/exchange policy.

Looks like watches with the Snapdragon 3100 won’t get it in general… that’s quite a lot of watches beyond just Fossil.

I just wonder if Samsung’s Exynos 9110 processer is going to be strong enough or if they will have to release a new chip for their watches.