Found these design tutorials on You Tube

Don’t know if anyone has posted about these videos but for designers, some good stuff. Just use actual faces as guides, though. I do not condone outright copies!


Terry is a friend of mine who does all his faces on a different platform than Facer, but over the 2 or 3 years I’ve watched his work he has really mastered the potential within Gimp as a free Photoshop alternative. I haven’t watched his tutorials because I don’t use gimp but I’m sure there’s a ton of technique and info there for anyone getting started or looking to learn more.

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Very interesting video’s from Terry to raise my GIMP skills :slight_smile:

The skills are handy but he’s using photos of pre-made watches. Does he start from scratch in any of his tutorials?

Terry’s hobby is to make replicas of obscure, often vintage or retro watches. He uses a photo as his “model” but his own graphics are 100% from scratch. So the techniques would apply to anyone who was designing their own without a model too. It’s a lot like watching say an oil on canvas tutorial where the painter is starting with a portrait photo, the lesson is in the tools and the technique which transcend the subject matter.

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I downloaded GIMP not long ago, on a recommendation, and found it all way too complex for my old brain, so I’ve been sticking with Paint & Paint 3D. These Tutorials might make using GIMP more understandable for me, so I’ve bookmarked it and will check it out later thank you scott.e.little :+1:

Gimp has a steep learning curve. But it is powerful, no doubt. There are a TON of tutorials on you tube. Davies Media Design has some really good ones so I would start with him.

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