Four corners watch face request

I used to have this watch face before, but not able to find it anymore… I love this one… do any of you want to give a shot at creating this one?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Above is the always on display (AOD) look. Active look is also the same with backlight/glow

Posting it here as this seems to be a more appropriate place

I can probably make something that resembles it, but it won’t have the same exact colors or fonts.

Wow, thank you! That would be enough :slight_smile:

I have it scheduled to publish five days from now. That also gives me a little extra time to make sure there are no “bugs” in the coding. It will be named MAG 1262. You might want to follow me so you will be notified when I post it.

1 Like I will be posting this February 4th in the morning around 8am (New York time) and want to make sure you are happy with the design. You can see the finished watch face just above this posting.

That’s great work done there MrAntisocialguy, quite impressive, and the seconds floating around the circumference is a nice touch too, well done :+1:

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Wow, thanks a lot! Looks amazing :smile:

The always on display (AOD) is almost dark though - can’t read normally. Please find it below on my moto360 sport. Can it be made more brighter? PXL_20210204_172310179|375x500

Apologies for the delay @mrantisocialguy. I didn’t follow the forum for the last few days and missed your first design post. I will follow you now to get notified

Found the original one. It’s modified now, but the colors should be the same I guess, for reference for the AOD

I’ve lightened the AOD mode so it should be much better for you. Resync it just like you would for the first time and not from Facer’s “Watch Box” and you should have the latest version.

It’s only gotten a tiny bit better… still very hard to read in AOD mode. I don’t worry about the battery discharge with a more lighter AOD, as I use my watch in airplane mode most of the times

I have removed everything that would cause it to be dark in AOD mode. I have also changed the AOD colors to black and white to improve contrast and also to minimize battery usage on everyone else’s watches. It is now as bright as I can make it and any darkening is now due to the programming of each individual watch. I hope this helps!

Oh ok. Thanks for the explanation

Just re-sync it from the app or from the website, don’t use the Watch Box function of the app or from your watch and you should get the last version where I took all the darkening out.