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Free vs Paid subcategories or filter options

There should be an easier way to find Free faces and not just by accident while scrolling through all the faces. I’d like to be able to at least go into a category and then click to sort by price or something. It makes like so much easier. It’s why I love the Galaxy Theme Store. Yes I still pay for some but it’s better that I can sort through all the free quickly and easy when that’s what I’m looking for. It’s why I literally only use what I fall upon on accident or that show on the main page. Or it’s because I found one and then see other freebies suggested once I click on that one

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Hello @misstoyaj79 and welcome to the site.

While nothing is perfect there are 2 things you can do

  1. from homepage, at the bottom of the page, click top charts, youll see Top Free catagory
  2. from homepage, click the search button and type free
    That may not get all but it will get most as alot of designers put the word free in the title if its a free watch or free version of a watch.
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