Freeze time for some hours

Hi, I have latest Facer, all permission on phone and a few times a daytime freeze for 30min+. It’s very frustrating. What can I do? (I checked / unchecked animation in settings)

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Sorry about that - does it freeze on the phone or on the watch?

On the watch. Phone Xiaomi mi A1, if you neen any info, please write what can I send

Thanks! What watch model do you use? if it’s WearOS, it’d be great if you could share what version it is as well.
(see Check for updates - Wear OS by Google Help to find what version your watch is on)

Also - is this freeze something that recently started happening?

I nothing touch/do. Simply watch to the watch and see, that time is not correct. If I touch screen: no seconds see (i have watch with seconds after “wake up”). I use my watch face, that I have the public in my profile.

@guniamc thanks for all the info! What watch model are you using?

Lg G watch