From Pro to Basic, are watchfaces kept?

If I decide to become a Face Creator Pro, what will happen with the faces I designed with Pro-options, when I become basic developer again?

  • Are they going to be deleted or are they kept?
  • Will they be accessible or inaccessible?
  • Can other people still use the watchface designed with pro-options?


your foreign basic watch faces will be kept and accessible but i can´t answer your third question because i don´t know.

Greetings, GAUSS.

in answer to your questions if you use pro to make it you can still edit it when you stop being pro also yes anything you make in either pro or normal will stay accessible by all ok. i know coz i only go pro when i want to make a pro face.

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Thank you for this clarifying answer.
Still the question if other people still can use the watchface designed with pro-options, is not yet answered.

You maybe better should ask the facer support.

I guess you watchfaces with Pro options will be still accessible after the downgrade.
During the Montblanc contest, I designed some faces with pro options but I’m a basic creator user.
Now the contest is over, these watchfaces are still accessible and I can modify them but can’t add additional “pro options” anymore.

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Thank you @GAUSS , I will.

Thank you @jeberuth for this info.